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Gimbal Auto-Tracking Phone Holder Mount with AI Camera Black

Gimbal Auto-Tracking Phone Holder Mount with AI Camera Black

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Mobile Phone Holder For Video Content Creation Reels Video Auto Tracking Hands Free Influencer Selfie Stick Jewellery Photography

Designed for content creators the device is compact and ergonomically designed to be operated with one hand, or hands free featuring an adjustable smartphone mount at the top.

The gimbal helps to keep the camera steady while moving, ensuring smooth, professional-looking footage. This tool is ideal for vloggers, social media influencers, and anyone looking to enhance their video quality on the go.

For Film and Television Production Vlogging and Content Creation

Influencers and YouTubers to create stable and engaging content for their audiences.

Real Estate Agents and videographers use gimbals to create virtual tours and promote property listings with smooth video walkthroughs.

Event Coverage: To capture steady footage at weddings, concerts, and sporting events.

Marketing and Advertising: For creating professional promotional videos for products or services.

Travel and Documentary Filmmaking: Where portability and the ability to shoot on the move are crucial.

Education and Training: To produce instructional videos with high-quality production values. Live Streaming: Helps live broadcasters move around smoothly without disrupting the video quality.

Corporate Communications: For internal video announcements, interviews, or presentations.

Auto Face Tracking Selfie Stick Tripod Start creating the content you want for all of your socials with this Video Selfie Stick that moves when you do ! Smart Shooting 
Camera Can be adjusted manually Desktop Gimbel
Rotate and follow Face tracking 

Two Modes Standing or Sitting Shot

Landscape or Portrait mode

Rotatable, Face tracking , 360 Tracking Holder


Fit 1/4 Screw Interface universal tripod mount 

Light and Phone not included 
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Product size65*76*102mm

Charging Port Micro USB


Object Tracking

Suitable for40-80mm phone


 Function adjustable lens


 Use the best distance1-3 meters

Weight (g)220g